EverMore Epoxy

Commercial Floor Coatings

Delivering Ultra-Durable Epoxy Flooring Systems for Commercial & Industrial Projects.

Seamless Epoxy Flooring Systems.  

Remarkably easy to clean. Terrifically easy to maintain.

Why Should You Consider EverMore Epoxy Commercial Floor Coatings?

Different businesses have different flooring needs. Our line of EverMore Epoxy flooring systems offers a wide variety of options to meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

EverMore Epoxy commercial floor systems come in a wide array of design options to subtly highlight or boldly enhance the design scheme of your business.

The high-performance commercial floor coatings we install have successfully been applied​ to millions of sq. ft. across the United States without ever peeling or chipping up.

Some commercial flooring options, like VCT, seem cheap to install. But when you look at the long-term upkeep of stripping and polishing, the actual long-term cost is much higher than you may expect.

Because of the durability of EverMore Epoxy systems the ongoing upkeep is much lower than many other ​options. Though the initial price may seem quite a bit higher, the overall lifetime cost is much lower.

We don't claim that EverMore Epoxy Systems are the best option for all commercial flooring needs. But we may have the right system for you if you need a floor that combines any of the following characteristics...

Easy and Inexpensive to Clean

Seamless  Cove Base Available

Chemical & Stain Resistant

Super Fast Return to Service

Easy and Inexpensive to Maintain

​Ultra Durable and Long Lasting

147 + Colors +Custom Blends

Clean and Efficient Installation

EverMore Epoxy Commercial Floor Systems are Perfect For...

Aircraft Hangers

Auto Dealerships

Banquet Halls

Bars, Pubs, Taverns


Bowling Alleys

Break Rooms

Butcher Shops


Clean Rooms

Dog Kennels


Grocery Stores

Healthclubs and Gyms




Locker Rooms

Night Clubs


Pet Stores

Public Municipalities



Retail Stores


Show Rooms

Stadium Hallways


And More...​

ACF's  Primary Focus is on Epoxy Commercial Flooring in Atlanta & Georgia

Between 1000 - 7500 sq. ft.