EverMore Epoxy Commercial Flooring Systems

Commercial Epoxy Solid Colors: 

Atlanta Custom Floor's Commercial Epoxy comes is several standard solid color options. In addition, we offer custom coloring options and opalescent color options for your commercial or industrial epoxy flooring needs.

Your EverMore Commercial Epoxy Solid Colors Choices are near endless. Below are 33 unique solid colors.  If you don't see what you like, we can custom blend a special EverMore Epoxy Floor just for you. 

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EverMore Commercial Epoxy Solid Colors 

Classics: Solid Color Epoxy

Choose from 9 standard solid colors. These are our standard primer and broadcast coat colors used in our direct-to-concrete epoxy. Continue to scroll for more.

EverMore Commercial Epoxy Solid Colors 

Osha Safety Epoxy Colors 

Choose from 5 Osha Safety Colors. These are approved colors to help keep your facility safe by marking off different sections for specific usage.  Continue to scroll for more color options.

EverMore Commercial Epoxy Solid Colors 

Opalescence Collection

Choose from 19 designer colors in our Opalescence Collection for those who want their commercial floor to have unmatched elegance. Continue to scroll for more.

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