Commercial Pool Deck

Resurfacing & Repair

Enhancing the safety and presentation of commercial pool decks for long lasting protection & beauty.

Many of the causes of pool deck failure can be prevented with early detection and routine maintenance. Left untreated regular maintenance can turn into major and costly repairs.

Discover how you can save your clients thousands of dollars with preventative pool deck maintenance.

Concrete chipping away around the pool deck trim.

After pool deck resurfacing and fresh sealer.

The pool area is a valuable amenity for apartment complexes, condos, and health clubs.

The pool deck sets the tone for this important asset. Yet all too often it gets ignored. When routine maintenance turns into more extensive repairs, the costs can add up quickly.

Because they don’t know what to look for, most apartment owners wait until their pool deck is failing before they address any issues. It is an easy mistake to make. It is also an expensive and time consuming mistake.

The monetary costs to your company are obvious. But what about the other costs? 

Pool decks that are not properly maintained can lead to safety issues in an area where safety is vitally important. 

Cracks can become tripping hazards.

Chipping material can provide a sharp edge for tenants to cut their feet.

Loose material can cause someone to slip and fall.

The question then is...

​How do you know what needs to be done without having unnecessary repairs pushed on your clients?

$149 Pool Deck Inspection...

Free for qualifying contractors November - February.

Of course, we do free estimates all year round. But an estimate is only going to give you options to repair the pool deck in it's current state.

Our pool deck inspection will give you and your clients a much more detailed report. These reports make it easier to get budget set aside for maintenance and repairs.

We will evaluate the current condition of the pool deck. We will show you and your clients the areas that will fail, might fail, and even the spots that have failed already, but aren't noticeable just yet.

We will draw up a maintenance package for you to present to your client. This includes quarterly services as well as a discount on more extensive repairs and pool deck resurfacing when required.

Why do this for free?

We want to be your go to subcontractor for pool decks in the southeast. The best way for us to do that is to help your clients save money and headaches.

People are not thinking about the pool when it is cold. But this is the best time to evaluate the maintenance and repairs that might be needed before the next pool season.

Give us a call and let us help you help your clients save money & headaches.

Affordable Pool Deck Upgrade

Discover the best way to enhance and protect your client's pool deck...

The best way to prevent many pool deck failures is to reseal the pool deck regularly. Typically 2 years is optimal. At 5 years the protection from the sealer is minimal at best. This allows for extra water penetration which is ultimately the cause of all failures.

Atlanta Custom Floors offers a specialized technique we call FauxReal Stone. 

Fauxreal Stone coloring adds depth and dimension to the pool deck while sealing it and adding a layer of protection.  

The end look is like an acid stain or marbled stone. 

Not only is it beautiful and durable, this marbled look allows the pool deck to look newer for longer. Let me explain...

Most pool decks are sealed with a solid color tinted sealer. This looks great when it first goes down. But before long it gets stained and dirty as all out door surfaces will. Any difference in color jumps out as an obvious stain. 

But FauxReal Stone has natural variance just like real stone. It allows stains and dirt to blend in rather than stand out. It really is a sight to behold. The pool deck is much more luxurious than a standard pool deck, yet it holds it appearance for far longer.

If You Have a Client With a Commercial Pool Deck 3,000sf-20,000sf We can help them save money and headache with general maintenance or pool deck resurfacing & repair.

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