Commercial Concrete Repair

Because... Not All Concrete Was Created Equal & No Concrete is Ever Perfect.

Concrete Repair is the Foundation of a Job Well Done.

Concrete repair is no place to take a shortcut. It is one of the biggest causes of a floor failing down the road. Fix it right the first time. Every time.

Commercial concrete repair is another example of the art & science approach we take at Atlanta custom wraps.

Each concrete repair project presents unique challenges. We need to prepare the surface so no traces of the damage will show through in a way that allows for a superior bond with the final surface to be applied. We need to do this in a way that is permanent and will not cause the floor to fail in the future.

It takes a combination of experience and experiment to tackle some of the more challenging projects. These are the projects where our skills and eye for detail stand out.

If your client has damaged concrete, we can help return their commercial concrete into a solid workable substrate for whatever flooring you decide to use.

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