The ACF Commercial Epoxy Floor Installation Process

Because the overall success of any flooring project depends on a quality installation experience.

Clean. Organized. Timely. Efficient. Thorough... 

Our commercial epoxy floor installation process is both science and art that come together in an unmatched system to provide a superior installation experience.

We have found that an otherwise successful project can be severely tainted by a poorly executed install. We refuse to be the weak link in your chain...

Step 1: EverMore Concrete Floor Prep

The purpose of proper concrete floor prep is twofold. Remove contaminates and open the pours for the best bond possible.

The ultimate in commercial floor durability starts with a detailed concrete prep process. How long this takes will depend on the condition of the floor most projects need at minimum 1-2 days of prep. Because this is the most important part of any project, we NEVER speed through prep. We take our time to do it right, so we never have to do it over.

DIAMOND GRINDING: We start by mechanically grinding your concrete with diamond impregnated metals. This removes contaminates that can break the bond, and opens the pours for stronger adhesion.

DUST EXTRACTION: A clean project is the start of a job well done. But grinding concrete can be a messy affair. We follow strict guidelines to keep the dust to an absolute minimum.

FIND & FIX: Once we grind and clean the floor we can address the cracks, pits, holes, and other defects. Once we have found all the problem areas we will fill/repair them with a state-of-the-art epoxy hybrid concrete repair material. Once the material is hard (30 minutes) we will grind the repairs smooth.

FINAL CLEANING: Next comes the final dust extraction to remove any remaining dust trapped in the pours of the concrete. This makes sure the floor is ready to bond properly with the flooring materials.

LEVELING & GRADING: If we have predetermined that your floor will need excessive repairs such as leveling or grading we will complete these as needed to create a clean and smooth canvas for your epoxy flooring system.

Step 2: Apply EverMore Epoxy Basecoat

EverMore Epoxy is a direct to concrete epoxy. It is a primer & broadcast coat in one.

EverMore Epoxy Base

The first layer of protection is a deep-wicking, direct-to-concrete epoxy. It bonds so well you can expect 3X more adhesion and moisture vapor emission-blocking power than other epoxies, polyaspartics, or urethanes. 

What this means is your floor will have a super strong bond. In fact, the bond is so strong, the coating will not come off without taking some concrete with it.

Some commercial and industrial floors require a "cove base". Usually 4"-6" tall with a 1" cove at the bottom. The cove base makes it easier to clean and spray down. If your project requires a cove base or any other vertical space we will typically do this before installing the floor.

Step 3: Apply Chosen Broadcast Material

This is a premium chip blend. Carbon brindle flakes.

EverMore Epoxy Broadcast Medium

The second layer of protection is your chosen broadcast medium. We currently offer a Polymer Flake and Color Coated Quartz. These are thrown into the epoxy to the point of rejection and left to cure.

You can choose from hundreds of colors and combinations in both broadcast mediums, including custom colors and blends.

This gives you nearly unlimited design choices while increasing the overall durability of the flooring system.

Some commercial and industrial floors require even more protection. The color coated quartz can be double broadcast for an extra 10-25mils of impact resistance and protection. The second broadcast goes down after the first layer is hardened and cured. We can also add extra layers of military grade sealer to enhance protection even further.

Step 4: Prepare For ShowFloor Finish

Before we can apply the final topcoat we must make sure the floor is as close to perfect as we can get it.

Prepare for EverMore ShowFloor Finish

Once the floor is cured we need to remove the rejected flakes or quartz. We broadcast to failure because it ensures the most uniform look possible. 

The bond is so strong we can scrape and sand the surface with no risk of damaging the floor. 

Once the extra material is removed we can make any final touch ups and give the floor a final vacuum.

If we are doing a double broadcast this process happens in between coats, and after the final broadcast coat.

Step 5: Apply ShowFloor Finish

An ultra-durable chemical and abrasion resistant topcoat to "seal the deal".

Install EverMore ShowFloor Finish

All that is left is to seal the beautiful new floor with an industrial strength, military grade sealer that is both chemical and abrasion resistant for ultimate protection.

There are several formulations of topcoat depending on the use of the floor. All are chemical and abrasion resistant to give you a floor that is beautiful and durable.

The sealer will enhance the look of the broadcast medium giving a wet look that is deep and rich.

Some commercial epoxy installation systems require multiple topcoats.  We will work with you to determine the best combinations for each project.

The Curing Process

Each topcoat also has unique curing times and capabilities. Some sealers allow for rapid return to service when downtime is the biggest concern. Some require slightly longer to cure.  We will work with you to determine the right sealers for your project.